All our projects are bespoke and tailored to meet customer requirements with a very bespoke service. From carvings to component manufacture we pride ourselves on quality and delivery.

  • beautifully carved for the Heritage at Stowe

    Stowe School Restoration Project

    Restoration carvings refer to the process of repairing or renovating carved objects or structures such as furniture, sculptures, or architectural elements. The goal is to bring the item back to its original condition or to improve upon it while preserving its historical or artistic significance. 2023 – The Dining room at Stowe private school was […]

  • Royal Academy of Arts – Piccadilly

    carvings Our 2018 main project was completed in time for the grand opening of Burlington House at the Royal Academy of Arts on Piccadilly, London. We carried out onsite visits with our partners at Atelierarts , taking castings and moulding's to reverse engineer the original door and archway carvings. Then we mass produced 100's of meters by CNC cutting.

  • sculpture

    Chelsea Flower Show Sculptures 2016

    Five Meningitis Sufferers were recently scanned in London to create life-size 3d models for reproductions by CNC. The sculptures cut from Cedar wood are to be displayed at the Chelsea Flower Show 2016 to raise awareness and to encourage sponsorship and income for the Meningitis trust.

    The scans were divided into multiple layers, 3d cut by CNC then bonded together as a full size assembly. The hair, facial features and other small detail were hand crafted to highlight and make the sculptures life like.

  • churhill room

    Churchill Room Hoddesdon

    Gcnc Ltd requested PES Scanning to support them in a project to help restore a wood paneled room in a former Conservative Club building in Hoddesdon, Hertsfordshire. The Club was housed in a Grade II-listed, 17th century house named “Stanboroughs” where it is believed Winston Churchill began his political career.

    The upstairs of the building contains a number of special historical features, including a wooden staircase and the wood panelled room. The room itself was wooden clad on all the walls, excluding the ceiling, with simple, but ornate, carved features on the panels. The wood also ‘framed’ the large sash windows and traditional bay window, plus there was a large ornate fire place that required careful restoration and reassembly.

    The developers worked with the local Heritage Trust office, to ensure the accurate restoration of the buildings listed features, and during the initial review of the building it was found that a number of the wooden panels needed to be replaced or repaired, ensuring any restored panels were an exact replication of the originals

  • Scenic Railway - Train 02

    Margate Roller Coaster

    The Margate rollercoaster restoration was designed by Wayne Hemmingway.

  • egyptian-ply-002

    Marble Replica Friezes From Iraq

    Marble Replica Friezes From Iraq

  • Front view of CNC Reproduction for Poole Museum and The Heritage Lottery Fund. A Heritage Reproduction from the Swash Channel Wreck Poole Harbour of a Dutch Maritime Figure Head by

    Maritime Rudder Head

    Baroque CNC Reproduction for Poole Museum and The Heritage Lottery Fund.

  • CNC manufactured wooden component for a nutmeg grater

    Cinnamon Graters

    Nutmeg Graters. 3D shaped handles and cut outs in oak boards in all shapes and sizes can be produced from standard wood materials

  • CNC manufactured wooden handbag foot for the fashion industry.

    Wooden Handbag Feet and Fittings

    CNC techniques will give repeatability and accuracy to enhance fashion goods across a wide range of product.

  • Sword handles for the middle east, used as a desk top gift idea.

    CNC Manufactured Sword Handles

    Sword handles for the middle east, used as a desk top gift idea for wealthy Arabs.