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BevArt designs…
BevArt’s contemporary jewellery designs are handcrafted and unique, no two are the same, they are colourful and subtle with a touch of opulence to enhance ones individual style.
Beverley Chapelhow, BA(Hons) in Fine Art, currently works from her art studio and business in Clitheroe, ‘Atelier Arts’.

Beverley takes inspiration for her artwork and jewelry range from her travel experiences.
Working from memory, photos and her sketchbooks, Beverley uses oil paints and knives to manipulate the paint; she blends a variety of colours together on a surface until she is satisfied with the harmony of combinations. She then choses an interesting area to work with, then uses a smaller section to inspire and create her colorful jewelry.

The Wood – Exotic African Hardwoods African Padauk African Ebony African Blackwood African Iroko European Oak
Prices for all Items Below are £25 add P+P

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