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We offer a bespoke 3d CNC manufacturing service in Hardwoods and all soft materials, from kitchen products through to full body sculptures – all done using CNC and laser technology.

What is bespoke 3D CNC machining.

Bespoke 3D CNC machining is a manufacturing process where a computer-controlled machine is used to carve and shape a three-dimensional object out of a block of material according to custom specifications. "Bespoke" refers to the fact that the object is specifically designed and tailored to meet the needs of a particular customer or application.

3D carving by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) involves using a computer-controlled machine to carve a three-dimensional object from a block of material. The CNC machine follows a pre-designed digital model to precisely remove material until the desired shape is achieved. This process is commonly used in various industries such as manufacturing, prototyping, and woodworking.

Using our laser technology and CNC Machines we offer an unrivaled and affordable manufacturing service for precision components, restoration and sculpture projects.

We supply components and 3d artifacts to Heritage and Restoration organizations and manufacture instrument parts, Jewelry items, fashion products, services to Joiners, instrument makers and Artists.

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Our Main Services


woodrouting.co.uk router and components We are a major manufacturer of CNC produced components for all industries in most materials, In either large or small batches, from kitchen and hardware products through to industrial parts for car interiors and retail sectors. We are expanding our finishing processes to include French polishing, waxing and varnishing. Our main materials are all hardwoods such as Oak and Walnut, softwoods such as Pine and man materials such as MDF. We also produce from nylons and plastics.

Restoration and Replication

CNC carved ships head by woodrouting.co.ukOur Restoration and Replication service is tailored for Museums and Heritage organisations. We take on projects to replicate and reproduce ancient carvings from shipwrecks to Busts and Statues. We take the scanned data and reproduce to perfection, then apply colouring and using specialises restoration techniques we can provide organisation’s with exact replicas and artefacts.

Arts and Culture

Huge female breast CNC carved by woodrouting.co.uk CNC for Artists - we can build in sections then assemble and construct large Art pieces. If you already have your object scanned we CNC cut the Art piece in wood or materials of your choice. If you don’t have the object scanned we can 3d laser scan for you.